Ching Huei Precision Co., Ltd. were founded on March 21, 1985. Ching Huei were a managerial enterprise who act independently and with the initiative in our own hand. Ching Huei are famous for specialized screen printing machine and research & development the PCB periphery machines. Ching Huei always pay close attention to the market, offer customers the excellent manufacture technology and the best after service. Based on the experience over twenty years, Ching Huei deeply know what customers needs. Therefore, Ching Huei devote themselves to improve the quality of PCB processor and making the processor more efficient with automatic equipments to lower its production cost. Ching Huei have made a reputation for ourselves in this field. It is because Ching Huei always pay attention to plan before sales and offer good services after, and their technical competence is the best warranty.

Since 1994 Ching Huei invested a lot of money and time in developing CCD image technology and till 1996 the original model machine CHIP 610 was developed. In August of the same year it was put on production line and marketed with great achievement."

Under continuous research & development, Ching Huei now possesses so many PCB machines with various types and function which are most suitable for specific manufacturing process. Moreover, based on their professional knowledge and recommendation, by aligning the suitable machines, Ching Huei can definite set up the Full-Automatic Production Line which can carry out specific part of process or even the whole according to manufacturer requirement and layout feasibility. This become a more efficiency and economical rewards rather than upgrading an individual machine and is really a great contribution towards PCB market.

We can offer the PCB Periphery Machines & PCB Full-Automatic Production Line Accommodation (Sample) as shown below :-

1. PCB Full-Automatic Production Line Accommodation
2. PCB Periphery Machines